Komatta (manga)
"Slowly...seeping into a person's body like a poison. Little by little. Producing change.
Before being completely filled, there is no awareness.

Until there isn't enough. Then you are aware.
That you...Seem to be...


I, who discovered the truth, am just like an addict.
Repeatedly getting hurt because my hunger isn't satisfied..."

I really LOVE Komatta, but there are times when I can really relate to Takara and then I feel like crying o.o

Lovers doll (manga)
"Once upon a time, there was a doll that only needed his master's love to develop a soul.

But because he was so unique, he was feared by the people around him, and became very lonely.

Then one day, he met someone who would accept all of him for who he was, a master who gave him many new experiences and emotions.

After many trials, the two discovered their mutual love for one another, and swore to remain together forever.

Many long years later, the master's life was finally nearing its end...and even then, the doll remained at his master's side...And when his master finally passed away, the doll never moved again.

Those two must've gone to heaven together..."


I just started watching Kuroshitsuji second season. It's quite good..its so different from the manga version tough.
Anyway, I think what I like about it is the fact that it develops really fast...you can see battles, blood, some perverted things (Alois has really serious issues xD). And the best is that you can really tell what is gonna happen (even if some things are really predictable xD).
At first, I really didnt like Alois but now I pity him...he really loved his buttler but you know...that buttler is a demon so obviosuly he cant really love Alois back -.-
I really cant wait.. I wanna know what is gonna happen next xD

EDIT:Now I understand, I just like it because of the slash. I mean, "Monoshitsuji" doesnt really have a plot. It's pure crap but...I like crap so all good xDD


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